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Frederick J. Ebert was a surveyor and civil engineer active in the American Midwest and in Colorado during the middle to late 19th century. His most significant achievement was the drafting of the first map of the Colorado territory, issued in 1862. In 1863 Ebert took a position as the city engineer of Denver. After two terms in this position, Ebert became a business man investing in the stock and dairy business as well as organizing the Exchange bank. Later he became involved in Colorado politics and helped draft the Colorado constitution.

The land around the Green Valley Ranch Area was part of one of Ebert’s Farms. Today, we are celebrating the development of local farms with our new restaurant featuring many local Colorado fruits, vegetables, and meats. Ebert’s is the new gathering place for families, friends and neighbors that builds community and pride in Green Valley Ranch.

It’s your place, for any occasion:

  • A special evening meal
  • Fun times with your family
  • A drink after work with your associates
  • A business lunch
  • A beer and apps after your golf game
  • An birthday party or wedding
  • A special place to sit around the fire pit and enjoy the sunset

Ebert’s … where everyone is Welcome.

Colorado Heritage

ebert's terrace

We celebrate our Colorado heritage by proudly using products from the following Colorado farms and purveyors:

ebert's restaurant


green valley ranch




green valley ranch

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green valley ranch